Well it is quiet on the compound today. Dickie, Sandra and Jim have all headed home after a 3 week stint at HATS. They will be missed by Karen and the Kids as well as us. Especially me –  Now ALL the jobs on the to-do-list are mine! Thank you to all three for the tremendous support you show for the orphanage here and from home. We will miss your conversations; jobs accomplished, blogs, office work, time with Ti Luc and the other children, pranks, walks and encouragement.

Safe travels and enjoy the snow shoveling!

Joan had collected a lot of shoes and sandals for the kids for us to bring this trip. Before we left in December she had all the kids’ sizes that were needed. She did a great job getting donations and purchasing but it appears the footwear falls into only 2 categories.

Too big…or…Too small

How did the kids grow so much in 6 week?

With a little creativity, some shoe swapping and a hunt through the depot, everyone now has footwear for the immediate future. Of course once the word spread that there were new shoes on the go ALL the kids wanted in on the action. Now Joan will do up a list for the next team to bring.

Jofky sporting new runners


Jonathan tries his new sandals

The house mothers were busy today – as soon as the children left for school they took EVERYTHING that was not nailed down out of the 2 dorms. Why? It’s time for the quarterly cockroach spraying. The compound looked like a hurricane had hit, or a camping trip gone bad, or a bungled break and enter. By mid-afternoon everything was back in place and hopefully the little (well some are not so little) varmints are all dead.

Cefila and the carnage from the girls’ home


Tifi, Sonson and Magdela cannot quite figure out what is happening


The carnage from the boys’ home


I didn’t do this Keif – honest!!!

While the house mothers were spraying inside, Eugene was spraying outside against the Zika virus. Some  common symptoms of Zika are fever, rash, joint pain, and red eyes. The symptoms lasting for several days to a week. Doesn’t’ sound like fun so hopefully this helps.

Eugene spraying against the Zika virus.