Project Background

Hands Across the Sea is looking to the future to ensure that our organization continues to serve children and families in Haiti for many more years. We need additional long-term volunteers / missionary staff to support the running of our children’s home, school and outreach programs. To facilitate that, we are in the process of building a small apartment on campus to provide living space for long-term volunteers / missionaries.

This project is estimated to cost $40,000.

Project Status

The following is the project status as of October 2017.

Financial Update

We are actively raising the funds required to finish the project. Our fundraising has raised $39,000 of our required $40,000. The final $1000 will cover our exterior painting. Please consider donating to this project.

Progress Update

This project is currently in progress and we are targeting completion by December 31, 2017. The safety railing has been built and installed, the windows have been installed and the final step is to complete the exterior painting.


Project Photos

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Donation Options

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Need More Information?

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