Project Background

The Haitian Ministry of Education requires that schools offer grades in all of the educational stages: Elementary (Grades 1-6), Junior Secondary (Grades 7-9) and Senior Secondary (Grades 10-13).

For the past several years, we have been adding additional classes at the Senior Secondary level to accommodate our students who are advancing. In 2015, we built additional classroom space to accommodate grade 11 or Secondaire 2 as it is known in Haiti. In 2016, we built an additional classroom for our grade 12 students, also known as Rheto in Haiti. In 2017, in order to maintain our high standing and support of the Haitian Ministry of Education, we need to build another classroom to support the final year of secondary education in Haiti, grade 13 or Philo. We are excited about the day when we can graduate our first class of students from our own institution!

This project is estimated to cost $35,000.

Project Status

As of October 2017, this project is complete.

Financial Update
Progress Update

Project Photos

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