Project Background

Our school and church campus has classrooms for over 500 students, a small library, a school director’s office, a soccer pitch and a church. To protect our children during the day and our property at night, we need to complete the wall surrounding the property. The campus enclosure will ensure that all visitors pass through the main gate near the school Director’s office, an important factor is student safety. The completed enclosure will also discourage theft on campus after school hours, which is important as we want to be good stewards of both the location and the supplies that the generous support of our donors has provided.

This project is estimated to cost $12,000. Here is the breakdown of the budget:

Budget Breakdown
Estimated Cost
Fill to raise the ground level $4000.00
Security Wall $200
Cement for Wall/Walkway $3000
Sand & Gravel for Walkway $1600
Rebar for Walkway $2100
Labour $1200
Total $12,000

Project Status

The following is the project status as of March 2017. Check back soon for updates!

Financial Update

We are actively raising the funds required to begin. Please consider donating to this project.

Progress Update

This project has not yet started. Due to other pressing priorities we have delayed this project and are now targeting to begin by July 1, 2018.

Donation Options

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Donate with eTransfer

Send an e-transfer through your online banking. Please indicate your donation is for the School Yard Completion project. If you wish to receive a Canadian tax receipt, please email us at with your full name and address, or include these details in the notes section of the e-transfer.

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Need More Information?

If you have questions regarding your donation options, please contact our Donations Coordinator.