Last Tuesday Jovenel Moise was inaugurated as Haiti’s 58th president. One of his first executive orders was to give all the Haitian students in the country the day off school.

Within the hour of that announcement Mama Karen had rescinded the order for the HATS kids. All the children had to spend the time studying, doing lessons or doing homework before they could play or ride bikes.

The house mothers do most of the lessons with the younger children and Karen, Joan and I make sure the older kids are doing the work they say they are doing and/or should be doing.

JJ studying his Chemistry periodical tables

Moise working on his math

Isabelle doing lessons with the younger kids

Naomi working with Leica and Judel

Yolande and Anne reviewing her memory work

Judel and Jofky hanging on every word

Finally in the afternoon the younger kids finished their lessons and it was play time. Attached to the devotion room is a play room for the children. It houses all their toys and books and access is only with a responsible adult to keep things under control. I was playing mega blocks with Dickieson and Jonathan when I heard Josie shout that Markenson and Sandra were eating Play-Doh.

Play-Doh? How did they get that?
Why isn’t that locked up?
I thought Sandra was doing puzzles.
Who is in charge here?

Sandra and Markenson after their Play-Doh snack

Josie turned all 3 of us into management and now my “Responsible Adult” status is under review. Maybe I’ll just get probation. 🙃

Anyway, now it’s time for hockey 🏒 with the older kids. What could possibly go wrong?????????

“It’s all about the kids”