One of the things Karen stresses at HATS is preparing the kids for when they leave and are on their own. That includes doing chores, learning to get along with 15 other siblings, going to school and working hard, sportsmanship (I am still working with the hockey boys on that one) Christian education and life skills. Vladimy is the eldest at the orphanage and will soon be on his own. He is still living in the boys’ home and is working part-time with the grounds keeper, Eugene. This week he was receiving cooking lessons from the house mother Noamie and Cifila.

Cooking Class 101.


The outside kitchen and charcoal cooking.


The proud cook with the finished stew – it tasted pretty good.

Jofky was home from school yesterday with a fever and the flu. I think he really enjoyed his day with Joan and Tifi and playing word games. This morning there were 4 more kids with the glazed donut looking noses. How long till it spreads thru the others?

Stay tuned.

A very happy Tifi with Joan and Jofky

I have been given orders to make 120 small iPad sized chalk boards for the kindergarten classes and pre-schoolers. And they want them yesterday. So, nothing to do but sub-contract the painting to Judel. Despite the crowds watching he did a very good job. More life-skill training.

The contractor and the sub-contractor.


Judel in good form


Who knew painting could be a spectator sport.