Precious baby Jonathan has been in the hospital for the past few days and will be for awhile yet. He came down with a fever on Thursday evening. Friday morning off to the hospital we went where he was quickly admitted. Since his fever broke Sunday morning I expected I would get him home today, Monday. Not. His doctor told me he has an infection in his blood that has to be cleared up first and he needs to keep him there for another four to five days. Yikes. It is not easy for us with an emergency like this as one of the house mothers has to be at the hospital all the time. That, in turn, leaves us short staffed on site and no days off for anyone, but this precious baby boy is more important than any of the above.

Baby Jonathan in hospital


Baby Jonathan with Mama in hospital

School is doing well and starting to sort itself out for the year. Next week Liette and Yvette arrive to take care of all letters and photos of the sponsored students. Thank you, God. Some of our sponsors will find that you have a different student this year. If this is so, there is a good reason for it.

Mariah continues to do a good job at the school. She is a mature and disciplined teacher for whom the other teachers and the director have a lot of respect. She will be sorely missed at the school after Christmas. This week she is teaching one of the younger grades by herself.

Mariah in charge of her own class

Our students are delighted and thankful to be receiving a meal at school again. Most of them arrive at school hungry and so this meal is extremely important. Today our school director, Luckner, and his assistant, Wagler, spent a lot of time taking up the food and serving the students. This enabled the students to be served more quickly to make room for other students.

Meal for our students


Luckner, Director, & Wagler Asst Director taking up the meal for the students.

Jessie and Seth have been busy painting the new school office for Luckner and I, and I might add have done a great job of it. Seth keeps busy building things we need. Jessie continues to help where needed – in the office, helping Leica with her school lessons, painting, etc.

Jessie & Seth painting our school office

The office/future library building is finished (only needs painting outside) and looking good. We have a ‘real’ school office. Thank you, Lord. We used our office today for the first time and were thrilled to have space to work. We will be able to hold staff meetings in comfort from now on instead of standing in the school yard.

Beautiful school office and future library



A ‘real’ school office. Yeah!!

The children are doing well. The older ones glad to be attending school. Ti Luc is doing well in school with his reading. Writing, of course, is not easy for him. He cannot write small and neatly in an exercise book like other students. He has small portable blackboards in his backpack for this and continues to write with his feet – actually with his left foot. His teacher has patience and understanding with him. He is bright, loves going to school, and has a sense of humour that keeps us all entertained. Karena and Jofky continue to be bossom pals. Anne chases these two around and does whatever they do. Little Sandra continues to blossom and light up whenever she sees us.

Grade One. Ti Luc at front working with his feet


Jofky & Karena


Gorgeous Baby Sandra

My children are all precious and give me joy, along with the stress that comes naturally with being a mother – I now have 18. I am constantly being asked to take other children, but I do not do so lightly. We are a family and I do not want to ever see that change. There is a place and necessity for institutions, but even before purchasing the land for HATS, I knew I was to form a ‘family’ and do the best I could as a mother to bring the children up and keep the family together. With God’s help, that of others here with me, and yours may we continue to be a family.


Many thanks to all of you. God bless you.

~Karen and kids