We just finished “family “worship with the young children and all the staff for the day )…So I’m going to start the day by shouting Loue le seigneur ..PRAISE THE LORD …all that has breath …PRAISE THE LORD For all of you who have been here …Worship is a “take away “. In your pain , in your suffering or poverty …WE CHOOSE to PRAISE THE LORD. We part from that time by saying :God bless your day ….and I add …and give you strength !!

Were you all praying yesterday !?? es you were and God answered our prayers!! The generator from Luckner is running !!!!!!! It can’t run everything he has as it did before, but it is running!!!!!!!!!!!! He is happy and encouraged . Praise the Lord. Now we can pray for a back up generator to come in(27000$ for a new one ) in case this one breaks again !!!! God is great!!

Of course today also started with worship at the school ..I taped some of it. The children sing their hearts out . So wonderful to watch !!

Devotions at school


Morning devotions at school


Barbara at school

The days are becoming taking on more of a rhythm now. The faces and names are getting familiar, friendships are made and children that were shy come running for their hugs LOVE it !!

I was alone on laundry today because one of the moms was missing …so that was long and hot ..Did i already say ITS HOT HERE??!:) I WAS SCHOCKED TO LEARN how much the women iron here…in the heat. All the uniforms and shirts are ironed but some iron much more. The people here take great pride in clean and proper clothing and put much hard work into it to get them clean. I think it gives them a boost.

Servant heart Barb washing kid’s clothes

I also try to help Germaine and Margarete when I can- the Lady’s that prepare all the meals for us. I LOVE to spent time in the kitchen with them. I can tell you Haitian food is AWESOME ..they don’t cook spicy for us though…but very authentic.

Of course in the mornings I try to write the blog right away (from the day before )…because apparently some of you are really waiting for them (thank you for the comments and the encouragement !!!) I want to tell you, that i am only writing it.Karen puts all the pictures together and crops it up and sends it out…another one of her many tasks. I never new how many hours (!) go into getting a blog ready. SO THANK YOU KAREN !

There is always work to be done for the school and we help where we can . Today was no teaching in the morning but crafts to be put together for a little “mothers day ” celebration at the school tomorrow.

Then FINALLY Louis and I got some time to read and sit with some of the children.!!!I read with Mirlande and Ti Fi and lost my heart to both…Ti fi and Ti Luc are both special needs children and need extra care and time . Love them dearly !! Louis showed a card game to Mirlande , who was trying to “steal time ” so she could get away from home work !! Whenever I have time between the laundry I steel myself into the baby house for some hugs and kisses.

Main compound with Children’s (Baby) House for hugs







At 4 o clock we went back to the radio station for some more English lessons !! It was great Fun and everybody participated. The theme was “what do I see on my way to the market “? Lots of words to learn there I really do love teaching when it doesn’t catch me by surprise

Prayer request : Karen started not to feel well during our lesson ..Her throat gave out and this morning it’s in her chest . PLEASE LIFT HER UP .!!

I try my best to tell you all what a day is like but really it’s not that easy. There is so much that comes up all the time …you just go go all day.

Louis went with Luckner to get some supplies …the workers are working hard to fix the cooking area where the roof blew off and it’s looking great.
The cement floor came in yesterday and the wood is been put up today , I think .

Work on school kitchen that was damaged

We were busted at night and all went to bed early…hard to believe this was Thursday

Two tired servants of the Lord

Keep praying for the staff -strength- patience and love and being able to take directions. And for the children of course.

Personal prayer request …sleep at night !!!
Praise for those who know me ….no Health issues ever …this is a GIFT !!!
much love to all.

Miss you at home

~Babawa and Louis (Note from Karen – Thanks to Barb and Louis – two faithful servants.)