Greetings to all. Ok I am going to just say it…They call Karen “the helicopter ” 🙂 ….and after spending three days by her side I know why. She propels through life !!…and if you want to get on the ride you better start running.:) LOL AS funny as it may sound I know she is totally running on overload..Please pray with us that God sends her more help…esp. for administration. Besides that , strength and health !

Mama Karen with her arms full


Karen with Baby Sandra

Another prayer request is for Luckner the brother that runs the christian radio station. What a wonderful work he does. As an example , we learned yesterday that one of the security guards here at the mission was a former Voodoo Priest and has come to the Lord through Luckners radio station !! Of course you can imagine the war fare is thick in this man’s life …he is struggling right now on some financial level and I would like to ask you all to come along side him and lift him up in prayer. His radio station is meant to run 24 hours a day . He broadcasts christian music, sermons through different pastors and teaches the gospel himself , ect ect. There is a significant cost attached to this because of generators (gas ) that is needed due to the lack of electricity in Haiti.

Luckner and Little Luckner


Radio Creole

I am glad I can use this blog as an opportunity to share these requests with you as I know how your heart is drawn to partner with this mission here. What better way to do that then in prayer .

It is an amazing work that the Lord is doing here through so many many dedicated workers …literally hundreds of children impacted every day with the love of Christ..but the task to do so is enormous. The dedication of staff is invaluable …They NEED US ALL!! So that’s my little intro this morning.

Yesterday morning Louis and I spent with 7th graders at HATS school learning English again.

We were there at lunch time and saw the woman preparing the lunch …buckets of it every day (for 240 Students !!) in the hot hot sun. Yesterday must have been 45 C. I kid you not…(and today doesn’t look much different). The school kitchen was damaged recently in a huge storm and the two ladies worked diligently anyway in very uncomfortable surroundings to provide the needed meal for the students. Then The children line up and all get their lunch!! Love That !!

Meal being served at school (kitchen getting repairs)


Students eating

In the afternoon we were finally able to sort our bags with Karen. Some of the gifts went to her and the rest is going into the community through Youth for Christ Haiti. Praise God ! For all of you who sent gifts , I don’t have to tell you what a treasure they were!! THANK YOU !

Donated supplies to bless people


Louis with donated supplies

In the afternoon Karen had a meeting with the house moms and Louis and I had some time to read and sit in the shade…:)

Afternoon was spent taking a beautiful walk by the Canal right outside the house with all the children! I have to tell you : Haiti is one beautiful country . Stunning . Lush and green .The contrast of God’s creation and poverty through the sin in this world is astounding!!

Family walk along canal



In the evening we went to see Luckner to encourage him some and let him know we think of him !!

OK …I left the BEST FOR LAST make sure you read on.:) We met our first TARANTULA yesterday afternoon!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok …not so great 🙁 As we were looking in Karen’s battery/inverter shed ..there it was .Pink and grey 🙂 OH MY…I hope that was the last one I see. (I am sending this picture esp for our daughter Rebecca and our grand son Anthony 🙂 Both will “enjoy” for very different reasons 🙂

Tarantula Barb saw but did not like

So long.
Bless you all

~Barbara and Louis