This blog is a request for prayer support for the HATS-Haiti Mission.

My last blog mentioned the problems in our area of Haiti – the Artibonite Valley – caused by the Chikungunya virus.  At that time we had teachers, many students, and several of our employees on the main compound sick with it.   Since then we have had other employees get it.

For the past few days we have had three of our children – Ti Fi, Djemima and Josie with it.  Since yesterday Ti Luc is quite ill with it.  This morning Luckner has it.

I am asking for prayer for the employees that have had it and are still trying to recover, for Luckner, and for the children who are ill.  Special prayer is requested for Ti Fi and Ti Luc.  They both have balance problems when they are well, and now they are unable to stand at all.

Please pray.  Thank you.