Another ‘Never a dull moment’ day at HATS.

It started with an early morning call from the orphanage house mother, Antoinette, about a problem.  All I heard was JJ and I told her I would be right down.  No point wasting time and money on the phone when JJ is involved.  This time he decided to dump lots of sand in the sink where they wash dishes and wash it down the drain, knowing full well it would block the water draining system here again.   Thus, a boy named JJ was in trouble with his mama this morning.   Help, Lord.  Please pray for Antoinette and for me as we work with JJ and try to help him see that his behaviour must change.   A big problem is that the former housemother allowed him to do anything and everything.

Now picture this.  Walking nonchanlantly through your living room and glass exploding with a very loud noise all over the room and over you.  And the explosion sounding like a gunshot.  Maybe in Canada it would not sound like a gunshot but in Haiti, well…

I purchased a new stove 12 days ago in Port au Prince, after dropping Bob and the group off at the airport.  It has not yet been used.  Actually it has been sitting in the living room since then because something that was needed to hook it up did not come home with us.  It still has tape on it. The stove came with an attached glass cover that can be lifted up for use and put back down when the stove is  not in use.  There was nothing on it or near it.  As I walked past it the explosion happened.  To say I was startled would be putting it mildly.  I was scared half to death. The shattered glass covered me and the floor – from the front door to the kitchen door. What a mess. Luckner came right away as he was with me when it was purchased and I needed him to witness it before anything was touched. We took photos to show the store where I bought it. Couldn’t get them on the phone today but hopefully we will on Monday.  Now this is Haiti.  Will they do anything about it??   We certainly hope so.

New Stove after glass top exploded

Glass top exploded everywhere

The last of the rebar work was finished this morning for the pouring of the roof on the water tower.  The plan is to pour the cement roof on Monday.  Luckner has been trying to book the cement mixer.  While that is drying the work will move back down to the new house to do the floors.   Lots more to get done but we need to get these two projects finished first.

The children are doing well.  Ti Fi is like a different child with Antoinette as housemother.  She is enjoying life and doing everything the other kids do.  She knows she is accepted and loved.   The need of  every child!!!  She is saying a few more words than just Mama now and has actually indicated she needs the bathroom.  Those who have been to HATS will know what an awesome thing this is.

Ti Fi & Antoinette

Ti Luc continues to do very well. He is on his feet all the time, never sitting anymore, which makes things more difficult for me, but I would never have it any other way. He sat for far too long and now is making up for lost time.  He stands and playfights with the kids and with me. He kicks the ball easily and keeps his balance.  He knows if he is going to lose his balance and he tries to reach a wall or furniture that can support him while he regains it.  When he falls he laughs and says Oopsy. I had the kids playing musical chairs in the yard this week and Ti Luc and Ti Fi played too.  What joy it was for me to watch these two walking around to the music, giggling and trying to find a chair. Falling on the grass meant nothing to Ti Luc. But joining in the game meant the world.  It was a first for him.

Ti Luc & Leica

The kids are doing a little studying this weekend as exams start at our school on Monday.  Wonder what their report cards will show this time.

Thanks again for everything to all of you, from all of us. Until next time.