Today was adventure day! We stared with some delicious pancakes made by the lovely Germaine, and then we got all dressed up for church. All the kids joined us in the living room, they all looked so cute I thought I was going to die.

Beautiful Sandra ready for church


Jocelyn with two handome boys, Judel and Jofky


Before church

We all headed over to church together, and the service was incredible. I’ll tell ya Hatians know how to praise Jesus. There were 115 of us together this morning. They all had the drums and tambourines out and were clapping and singing. Although we had no clue what they were saying/singing it didn’t seem to bother any of us, we were just happy to be here and see all the children worshipping. Jason spoke at church this morning. He used a balloon as an example to show how when the balloon has no air in it, it does not perform its purpose, and when filled with air it changes to do what it was meant to do. Just like how without Jesus we do not fulfill our purpose in life. But when Jesus enters into our lives we are filled with love, kindness and grace that we are meant for. Being here in Haiti for just a few days I’m already seeing myself, along with my teammates, being so filled up by God. Everyone on this team is here for a special purpose.

First group to sing this morning


Nap time in church for Magdala


Needed a nap too


Too precious for words


Receiving a needed cold drink after church

We had quite the time this afternoon. Twenty six people piled into one truck, to go buy some pop at Papa Luckner’s. It was so much fun seeing all the smiles and giggles on the children’s faces. They were all so happy to receive their pop/juice. Something as simple as a bottle of pop brings so much joy whereas I would not think twice about being thankful for a glass of pop.  I am learning so much from these kids!


This afternoon we went for a drive to see a bit of the town. Our first stop was to the hospital and along the way we were discussing about how maybe people in Haiti are more fortunate than us in some ways. For the fact that they don’t want everything, they have what they need to survive (some) and that is enough for them. Upon arriving at the hospital our minds changed a bit. The hospital yard was packed with people standing outside trying to get inside to visit others.  Since they don’t have enough nurses/doctors to care for the needs of the patients one of your family members has to take care of you.  Many patients are put in one big room.  It’s the sad truth of people living here. I wish I could change this for them.  Some people came out wailing as they had just had someone die.  It was difficult to see.

Hospital Albert Schweitzer

As we continued to drive around a little I was in awe of the beauty of this country. Mountains upon mountains and the grass and trees are so bright green.

Countryside beauty.

This was followed by a soccer game on the field in front of the church.  We had the Canadian team and the Haitian girls from the HATS church and school on one team with Keith in goal for them.  The Haitian boys from the church and school were on the other team.  It was an action packed fun game of soccer.

Soccer game

I’m so incredibly happy and blessed to be in Haiti. I love hearing the stories of Karen’s experiences and getting to know the kids. I’m excited to see how God will continue to use us throughout the rest of the week!