This was another great day at HATS. We started the day properly by taking a walk along the canal. It is stunningly beautiful and full of activity that hour of the day.

Our chicken lady early a.m.


Chicken lady chase, catch and tie


Chicken lady chases and falls


chicken lady being helped to her feet


Jim & security agent helping the chicken lady catch her chickens


Our early morning walk after chickens were caught and retied.

Sandra gave out the rest of the chickens and some food. We overnighted 20 chickens that were not picked up. As usual we had several escapees, it was fun watching several people chasing chickens.

Chicken lady still giving out chickens

Jim and I finished the basketball backstop and installed it. We made and partially painted 3 small benches for the house moms to use. We had a water fight this afternoon which was enjoyed by some.

Fixing the basketball hoop

Sandra spent most of the day in the kitchen making a turkey dinner with all the fixins. It was very good and a change from rice and beans. Left overs tomorrow. Our time here is drawing to an end, I try not to think about it but on the other hand Danielle, Molly and Lexi will be in Nova Scotia one week after we get home. This is a fabulous place to be and I hope I can return many times.

Chicken lady can do more than chase Haitian chickens.  Boy she can cook!


Canadian meal.  I have the best sister in the world.

Jim, Moise, JJ and I set up the school for Church in the morning, we had around 150 last week.

Jim appears to be supervisor again – even in preparing for a water balloon fight

After devotions tonight we went up on the roof with the older children. It is so bright you can see for miles.

Full moon over HATS