Even though there are always chores to be done and homework to be studied, I think Saturday is the day that the kids like the most. First of all there is a bit of a sleep in as the generator doesn’t roar to life until 6 a.m. instead of 5:30. You get to wear what you like and there is lots of time for play.

Sandra and Karena doing puzzles


Moise and his helper Magdala


Anne and Jonathan


Magdala and her cell phone

The kids like to spend time coloring together, or painting, or doing a craft. There is always someone kicking a soccer ball or hanging out on the swings. When the older ones have their computer class the younger ones are playing with the smaller toys kept at Mama’s house so all the bits don’t get lost. And at the end of the day, everyone enjoys a cool walk along the canal and a stop at the “playground” under the mango trees.

Computer class


Moise Dieunel and Judel playing soccer


Tifi really likes painting


Walk along the canal


Jofky is king of the castle today