We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words, so here are the thousand words in some photos I took.

Devotion in the Mornings or Church on Sunday


Then we have summer school


Then we have play time…


…Or we get haircuts..right Judel…


Judel…well…has his own stlye of playtime


Market Day is Wednesday


We need to go to get more pipes


Ti Luc thinks these pipes will do just fine


The people dry their rice right on the road


Mariah is buying our water


Sweeping out the new house for the future missionary couple


The pediatric area at Albert Schweitzer Hospital.


We got to see some newborns


Sometimes at night we go for a walk along the canal


 Or we hire taxi’s to visit friends


Marta and Beate at her house


Singing songs for bedtime at the children’s home


Getting security ready. Hey, only ONE bullet!!!!!