On Wednesday, Nov 23rd we finished the photos and letters with the last classes of sponsor students. Then we finally got a chance to get out into the countryside. The faces of the young kids can melt your heart!

After getting dropped off beside the hospital by our lovely ride from our intrepid chauffeur, Karen, we walked down to visit some friends of Liette who she’s known since 1995. Old friends are the best friends! We had the chance to hold a 2 day old baby goat which was super fun!

In the evening, we had a couple of games of Uno where Karen totally rigged the result to win! Then Sandy, Yvette and I got started on redoing the scanning on documents that Jim (our helper in Canada) pointed out only scanned half-way across. Just when you think things are going well, the *%%$ hits the fan! After only 20+ tries to get the scanner to scan the letters fully in the right orientation (see our amazing blueprint of our efforts) we managed to get it right and then the painstakingly slow process of scanning was begun. While we waited for each S-L-O-W scan to complete, Yvette wrote letters to friends and we played Trains together. By the time the scans were done for the evening, so were we.

The day finished beautifully with a lovely stargazing session – the highlight of every trip to Haiti!