Wow! What a day!!! I had a great morning in the devotion room praising the lord. Everyone always full of joy and thankfulness which is just so awesome to see.

Went to St.Marc with Grammy and had some interesting adventures there. Arrived in St.Marc with the usual busy streets and no place to park. Finally found one and hopped out of the car. Arrived at the bank. Me and Nana huddled in a corner since it was so full of people that day. Because of all the people in there a bank director took Grammy into an office so he could help her get money. Suddenly out of the blue a fight broke out! Yelling and shouting from everyone and everyone putting their two cents worth into everything. It was complete chaos. Security started running towards one of the guys and pulled him out of line. Guns in the air security dragged him out of the bank. Meanwhile I decided to leave Nana and get Grammy in case we all had to get out. So I guess you could say I ditched the one Nana, who did not know the language or anything else, and went to the grandma that had the cash and the language!!! ha ha ha ha.

We had the chance to also change my phone and get a new sim card and take some amazing pictures of the huge Bible in St.Marc.

Mariah and Liz in St. Marc with Ten Commandments.

After the trip to St.Marc I had the chance to work at Luckner’s shop that he has in his house. I filled up freezers with cold drinks and helped costumers. I’m learning about the money and such so that’s great. Had such a great time so can’t wait til tomorrow.

Luckner’s business where Mariah helps Rose Lore



Liz here,or should I say the grandmother in the bank that got ditched for the rich one who was in an office with a bank employee!! Rather an exciting time, lots of yelling and shouting but quickly handled by Security. Downtown St. Marc could easily win the prize as the busiest rush hour in the world and this was only 11 am! Mind you also the most likely place to get struck and killed by a motorcycle (moto) a very large truck or even a pedestrian or two.

Thank goodness we had to rush back to HATS to get the Security person with us back to work by noon. Security here was short handed because the day before the one on duty shortly before supper collapsed and fell and hit his head and was out for the count for a short time. Karen rushed him to the hospital in Deschapelles. He was off two days and he is back to work today.

Injured security back at work

The children continue to be such a joy and unfortunately I taught them the word toes so when they see me they rush to me yelling toe toes, toe toes! Isn’t it true you must watch what you say to children the world over!

Karen’s Toe Toes kids

Today we drove to Deschapelles and is was amazing to me how much it has changed. So much more building but I recognized it and was glad to see it again. The trip to Verrettes also brought back memories , such a nice slower pace than St. Marc! I love the architecture here, the very old buildings are made of cement on ground level, next floor wood, and top floor tin, then the gradual changes from mud huts to small cement buildings, and the much larger cement homes painted such bright colours. As ever the people fascinate me, their persistent spirit and enterprise despite such daunting circumstances, their ability to overcome and survive all the barriers placed in their path with almost no belief that things will ever change. As they say here Mesi Bondye! How many of us in the western word and elsewhere will say that in our worst circumstances and trials ?