Who doesn’t love a good party? Well, we have had lots to celebrate this week here at HATS! Each month all the birthdays for that month are celebrated altogether in one celebration. On Sunday we celebrated birthdays for TiFi, Jofky, Anne and Dieunel.

The birthday kids checking out their gifts – Dieunel, Anne, Jofky and TiFi


TiFi loves her doll!

Their traditions here are wonderful! The birthday kids sit on special chairs and are sung to in three languages! Then each of the other children get up and give them a birthday hug followed by each of them opening their gifts. Then there is cake of course!

Magdela and Markenson think the cake tastes really good!

After the party we had some races. The kids love it when we do this!

The races with Anne in the lead!

Just a few days later it was Flag Day on May 18. It was quite an event! The students gathered at the school which was all decorated with the Haitian flag, and along with a band marched along the main street for several kilometers waving flags. We followed along enjoying the music and the excitement of the students and teachers. Parents and neighbors were all out watching the event. It was great! Good thing the parade started around 9am though, as by the time we got back to the school a couple of hours later it was REALLY hot! It was so nice to see the kids so excited. Back at the school a meal was prepared for the students and the band continued to play while students danced around the school yard. I’m so glad our time at HATS included this very special holiday!

Students getting their flags and preparing for the parade


Leaving the school they first marched over the bridge


The younger grades marching


Some of the older kids really got in to the music!


Back at the school the band continued to play


The school was decorated with flags!


~By Mike and Nicki