Hi everyone, I am finally back again. I think we need to get Jessie blogging this week. She is behind in her share.

Lots to share today so where to start??

I will start with what is most important to all of us here and not just to this mama. Ti Luc’s adoption papers. For all of us – the children, staff, Ti Luc, Luckner, Seth, Jessie and myself this is first and foremost on our minds and hearts. In two weeks, Monday July 18th, Ti Luc and I are supposed to be boarding Air Canada for Montreal, Halifax and later on again for Newfoundland. We plan to be in attendance at my home town reunion, family reunion, and reunion of the group (workteam) that came down last January. Two weeks and no adoption paperwork, no passport and no visa!!!

This past week Luckner and I went to Port au Prince on Tuesday, to the lawyer’s office to do with the paperwork for Ti Luc. Again on Thursday we went to PAP and had to take Ti Luc with us. There is a push on now to try and help me get this finished. Too little, too late perhaps?? On Thursday an assessment on Ti Luc had to be redone as paperwork had gotten lost. This is Haiti. Mothers are allowed, actually expected, to brag right? I am going to do just that. Ti Luc made Luckner and I proud. When the psychologist saw Ti Luc walk in with us (different doctor than last time) it was obvious he had some problems. I could see how everything about Ti Luc was being scrutinized. I was asked if he could talk, to which I responded ” he certainly can and in Creole and English.” Ti Luc answered the doctor’s questions. He was not one bit shy or nervous. He knew his colours. He told them his name was “Ti Luc” and it spelled like this – ” T i L u c “. They asked if he could write the word papa. I asked them to put paper and a pencil on the floor and he would do so. They were amazed about the floor. Ti Luc wrote the work ” P a p a ” beautifully with his foot. They were surprised and the doctor signed the paper necessary. Needless to say Luckner, myself and the lawyer’s assistant, there with us, were very proud of how Ti Luc handled himself. Those final redone papers were to be deposited at Social Services on Friday. This is Haiti. Did it happen???? We are hoping for a call to go back to Port early this week for the final adoption papers. If it comes we will then rush, hope, pray, plead and beg for a passport to be given very quickly. If and when things move in a good direction I will let you all know. Thanks for your ongoing prayer support with this.

Ti Luc in vehicle in PAP enroute to psychologist

Cholera is running rampant in Haiti. It is not in the news as much as it was last year but the situation here is serious. We are vaccinated, which is a tremendous blessing. Lately we have been giving vaccine to some students, thanks to the Rotary Club of Yarmouth. We continue to take every precaution possible. We know that the vaccination is necessary and we are thankful for it, but at the same time we cannot allow ourselves to become complacent. One of the construction workers, Jonas, to whom we gave cholera vaccine last October, and who lives next door to the mission, is presently in hospital with cholera. Luckner drove to the hospital close by yesterday and saw that the cholera clinic tents were filled to capacity and there were more than 500 people lying outside on the ground, all with cholera. It is like this and worse in many areas of Haiti.

Effrainse receiving cholera vaccine thanks to Yarmouth Rotary
Stephanie & Rosena taking vaccine for cholera
Eldad & Clermanta with vaccine for cholera

Recently we had a short but enjoyable visit from two UN Canadians, Martin who we have known for some time and we were thrilled to welcome back, and Serge who we met for the first time. Hopefully Serge will return to see us again too. Martin brought us more beautiful blankets that were handmade by retired teachers in Quebec. Many of our students (and in turn their families) will be blessed with a gift of a blanket. Martin and Serge delivered a lot of clothes and bedding, too, for me to distribute, that was left by the troops from Argentina. Juan had told me on his last visit to see us, that when they left Haiti he would send these things here. These items too will bless many in the area.

Martin with beautiful blankets handmade in Montreal
Serge & JJ
Serge, Martin & my family

This past school year we had some students in our sponsoring program attending school in Liancourt as they had finished their grade 9 at our school. I am happy to report that all five of them passed 3e ane secondary (grade 10). They will continue with their schooling in Liancount in September.

Idrose, Wislande,Rose-Laure,Ruth, Monise with my Ti Sandra

When school opens again at our HATS school we will be in contact with our sponsors. There are a number of reasons why some of you may be given a different student. Some students did not study and did not pass, some are moving elsewhere this summer, some may choose to not return to school, some are soon to become mothers. I will be in touch about your students later on.

Construction is about to get underway on the school compound for the foundation for an office and library. The big tree is gone and the swing set will be brought to this compound tomorrow. My kids are thrilled about that. The group “Sportsgrants Foundation” based in Oregon who are fundraising for work at the school will soon be posting a short video (interview with me and a little footage of my kids) to their blog site. I. in turn, will have it posted here to the HATS blog site. I would like for you to know who it is that is fundraising on our behalf for a lot of necessary work at the school.

tree down so construction can get started

Friday Canada Day we decided to have some fun with the kids. We made Jessie and Seth honorary Canadians for a day. We all put on our Newfie T-shirts, our Canada caps, our red and white scarfs and everyone had a small flag to wave. We put big Canadian flags on the front and back of the truck and we drove out of the compound and down to Luckner’s where we all enjoyed a cold drink. Returned home and played musical chairs and other things. Kids enjoyed the day. Must admit no one has had to twist my arm, or Jessie’s or Seth’s, to do these fun things with them. We are just grown up kids ourselves, albeit one of us is a much more grown up kid than the other two. No comments allowed from you, Dickie MacDonald.

Happy Birthday Canada
always cold drinks available at Papa’s
Jofky couldn’t stay awake driving from HATS to Luckner’s

Yesterday we gave the kids another fun day off the compound. I decided to take them all to St. Marc and give them a treat of a meal at a restaurant. A very big deal to my kids. I figured I could manage it with the awesome help of Jessie and Seth, along with our great security, Gesner, and the two house mothers on duty, Naomie and Laurette. We all pulled together and it went well. The kids had a blast and ‘being packed in like sardines’ both inside the truck and outside was not a problem for anyone. We pulled it off with all of us in just one vehicle. Could never get away with it in North America. But this is Haiti.

Family fun trip to St. Marc
chicken almost as big as Anne
Karena & Jofky happily eating their restaurant meal
Josie, Moise & Karma
Magalie enroute St. Marc with arms full of babies

The office used by Luckner and I has needed a facelift for a very long time. Actually the coat of paint on it was slapped on in a hurry so Theresa and I could get the office set up seven years ago. We had planned to repaint and fix up the office, but it never was done. Now the facelift is underway by Jessie and Seth, well actually more Jessie than Seth at times. Watching this young couple over the past four months I have been thinking about how different Americans and Canadians are in some ways. Seth does not believe in opening padlocks with a key as Canadians do, as you have seen in two blogs. He chooses to cut or smash them off. Not only does he not know how to open a padlock like normal people, he believes in lying down on the job too.

Jessie works and Seth lies down and rests

I have written too much and added too many photos, but I am going to add a few more anyway. I know I should blog more often and make them shorter. I am doing my best. Honestly. At least I think I am. Anyway now it truly is Jessie’s turn!!

uninvited guests continue to visit
Dieumima, Karma and Mirlande
JJ is great with Anne and she adores him
Karena, Anne, Jofky
Guess who likes her thumb

Thank you from all of us here at the mission to all of you who support us in every way. Need you, appreciate you, love you, and asking the Lord to bless each and every one of you.

~Karen and gang