Hi Everyone, it’s Beate.

So, I’m going to HATS at the end of July, but I figured that it’s never too early to start packing all of the wonderful donations that I have been receiving.

One suitcase done!!! I have quite the system to make sure every pound is accounted for…My next mission: find another used suitcase to pack the rest of the items (I leave the suitcases at HATS). I’m picky…The one I have is only 5 pounds. So, it may take me awhile to find another one that is so light.

Put items in bags and weigh them. Record the weights to add up to 50 pounds. Don’t forget to add the suitcase weight.

Organize into piles.

Remove all packaging where possible (saved 3 pounds that way).

Even the tops of toothbrushes.

Take pics of each layer (you’ll forget what you packed, trust me).

More layers

Put liquids and creams in ziplock bags.

Every space counts.

Cut instructions from boxes and add to ziplock bags.

Weigh the suitcase. Beautiful…50 pounds exactly.