I really like weekends. Don’t we all? Time to do fun things! This past Saturday it absolutely poured out of the heavens mid afternoon but we were all in the Devotion Room, dry as a bone.

We were gathered there to sort through pictures. Pictures, that the kids had taken themselves when the Roma team was here in November. The team brought each child a small camera and the kids were beyond excited to learn how to take their very own pictures.

Keith and I were able to bring the 365 printed photos with us. Here’s how we got from that huge pile of pics to our very own photo gallery.

Djemima, Leica, Moise and JJ choosing their own photos.

Everyone took their time looking at each photo, chatting with each other about what was in each picture.

Sharing pictures with Mama

Next they chose some of their favorites and made a poster.

Dieunel finshing his favorites.


Moise and Anne have very different sorting techniques!


Josie, what a beautiful smile!

We made a collage on the wall for everyone to enjoy.

The photo gallery taking shape

Thanks  goes to a friend who provided some mad money for a treat to finish off all that hard work. What better way to keep cool than to have ice cream in your own individual tub!  Anyone remember making soup out of their ice cream as a kid?

TiFi thinks ice cream is the best!

Thank you Roma team for giving the kids the opportunity to be so creative.

Jonathan, it’s good to the last lick!That’s how our very own photo gallery came to be.


All done!