Two little boys (brothers) from the mountains have joined us.  They are Markenson – 4 and Sonson – 1 1/2.

Sonson is 1 and five months and Markenson is 4

The first time Luckner and I saw the children we thought – a boy, perhaps 2 to 2 1/2 and a younger girl, and neither one in good shape.  HATS employees and HATS children thought likewise.  We quickly discovered it was two little boys, one being four and the other a year and five months.

The first time we saw our two new children

Those of you affiliated with HATS know that Luckner and I do not normally move quickly to take children into the family.  We like to check and recheck the stories and situations, etc. This time, however, after hearing the story we moved quickly and welcomed the two children, who were badly in need, into our family and into our hearts.

Heading to the shower

Markenson and Sonson have been motherless for some time.  Both are malnourished, both have pneumonia and possibly the littlest one has Sickle Cell Disease.  The first thing Luckner and I decided was to have them carefully checked out medically. The hospital in our area had a positive result for Sickle Cell in Sonson.  Blood work was redone and we are awaiting results from Port au Prince.
Sickle Cell is a red blood cell disorder inherited from parents.  Thanks to advancements now in early diagnosis and treatment for Sickle Cell most kids born with this inherited disorder can grow up to live active, healthy and productive lives.
We are praying and hoping that if the test returns positive that our cute little Sonson will grow up here having an active and healthy life.

Markenson playing with Mama Karen


Markenson, Sonson, Jonathan and Magdala

They are settling in nicely as part of the family.  Sonson loves to be with Mama Karen.  He needs lot of hugs and cuddles and he is getting it.  Office work is being left undone but the boys are being well looked after.  Markenson is learning that our family has rules and order coupled with love and affection.

Hair cut started for Sonson


I look like a cute little boy now Mama

We need sponsors for our two new children – sponsors for both of them at orphanage and Markenson needs one for schooling.  Anyone willing to sponsor one of these cute little boys can get in touch with me, or my sister Sandra at 902-7423-5234 (, or my daughter Liette at 403-220-1012 (  Thank you in advance for helping a child in need.



Sonson with sister Magdala

This week was a birthday celebration week.  We celebrated Judel and Magdala’s birthdays from August and Jonathans’s was last week.  Markenson and Sonson had only arrived and were not sure what on earth was going on but they both sure liked the cake and juice.

Our three birthday kids

Jonathan is now the happy owner of a bike – a gift from Canada – which he will be sharing with his little brothers and sisters.  They, of course, all want to ride at the same time, but there are not enough bikes to go around.  Taking turns and staying patient is being learned.

Jonathan on his birthday bike

We continue to take afternoon walks as often as we can.  We all love to go outside, walk and play.

Afternoon walk


Jofky with Ti Fi


Karena and Sonson

Thank you once more for all your suppor.  Your prayers, your encouragement and your financial help is the reason we can continue to take little children in need.  We all belong to the HATS-Haiti Mission and we all work together to better the lives of children.

IT   I S    A L L    A B O U T    T H E    C H I L D R E N

God bless.