I have done a lot of various and different jobs this month at HATS but I am sure glad this one wasn’t on my list. Eugene waded into the sludge pool in front of the school and cleaned out the garbage, weeds and other assorted “things” from the green stagnant water. Not a pretty sight.

Sludge pool

Today was a holiday from school. No one seems too sure why the school is closed so we just called it the holiday of St. Keith. It was like Saturday all over. Kids were playing, doing homework, Karen in the office and chasing after kids and I finished up a few odd jobs and looked busy. Tomorrow I return to Montreal and I will miss this place a lot.




But more than the place I shall miss the kids….. Because like the sign says “It’s all about the Children” These may be orphans today but they will be Haiti’s leaders tomorrow:













Ti Luc














Sandra and Jonathan

And I shall miss my friend and boss lady – The spirit, backbone, Mama, President and prayer warrior for this place. Karen:

Mother and son talk

It was a holiday so we had a walk along the canal, but a little job first: we had to free Dieunel from his bike pedal.

Trying to get Dieunel’s lace out of the chain

The views along the canal are gorgeous. This part of Haiti is quite lush, green and beautiful.

Rice fields


Canal views

We had the whole gang, older kids on bikes and younger ones walking, wandering and talking. So of course a periodic head count was in order.

Head count


Time to go back in the compound


Me and my friends!!!!

Thanks to everyone for making my time here memorable. See you soon…