Today is my 3rd day here at HATS, and it was a good one!

I was so exhausted last night I managed to sleep through all of the noises (including Jim’s snoring), and didn’t wake up until the sun started to rise.  We began our day today at the school.  All of the kids were singing and clapping and praising The Lord.  They are all such wonderful singers.  Such a joy to listen to, even if I don’t understand the words!  We also got to see them raise the flag, which was super cool!

We were then all immediately put to work.  I spent most of the morning organizing the cupboard in Karen’s office (it was no small task). Sandra was “blessed” with the job of working on the payroll book for the year (quite tedious business when you have to write everything out manually, instead of using a computer).  Dave and Dickie spent the day putting furniture together.  Jim made his bed (literally), and worked on cleaning up Karen’s computer so that it runs more smoothly!

Jess with a huge task of organizing the office supply cupboard in


Sandra working on salary book for 2013


Dave assembling furniture


Making your bed means literally making it at HATS – put it together Jim, then you can sleep.

We also had some women show up to collect the rice, beans, cornmeal and oil we spent yesterday dividing.  They were so appreciative.  They all left with huge smiles on their faces!

I went to play with the kids today and they decided they wanted to do my hair.  I had about 5 kids braiding and pulling on my hair all at once.  They are quite the hair stylists!  They seem to find my long hair quite fascinating.

budding hair dressers

My favourite part of the day was our walk along the canal with all of the kids.  Probably the most beautiful walk I’ve ever been on.  I can’t get over how beautiful this place is, and the people that live here.

Walk along the canal


Along the canal

God is doing great things through wonderful people here at HATS.  I feel so blessed to be able to be a part of it, if only for a short time. You can be sure that I will be back here again as soon as the
opportunity arises!!

God bless!


Dickie brought Ti Luc a tool kit.  He used it first to take his bed apart.


Evening devotions



I have to admit that we took Flat Jenna shopping with us yesterday and forgot her at the store and she spent last night, all day today and tonight at the store BUT she will come back with us tomorrow! She missed some fun times today but hoping to make it up to her. I was hating to have to tell the Ebbetts that she was missing in Haiti!