Here we are again, finally. Actually we tried to get a blog posted on Saturday. Mariah wrote a blog twice on Saturday but lost both due to electicity problems.

Two more sleeps before Liette arrives. YEAH!!!! Wednesday morning early Luckner and I will be heading to the airport in PAP to pick up Liette and Yvette. Are we anxious? Are we excited? Yes and Yes. You bet we are.

End of day play time

While here Liette will be in charge of getting all school photos and all thank you letters done for our wonderful sponsors. Getting them done is only part of the huge task. Letters all need to be translated, scanned, and put into a file in the computer. Photos need to be taken, names of all students prepared in advance to go with the photos, and downloaded to the computer. Then all sponsors need to be emailed with two attachments – the letter from their student (s) and a photo of their student (s). Am I thankful that Liette is returning this year to take on this horrendous job once again?? Thankful does not cover it. I might be seen in the compound next week jumping up and down with joy and praising and thanking God that the letters and photos are done.

Liette is coming and taking on a big job again, but we will have time together as well. That is what Mariah and I are looking forward to. We are both looking forward to having Yvette here for the first time too and sharing everything with her.

Speaking of Mariah we have news about her. Mariah was planning on returning to Canada in December. Plans, however, have changed and Mariah has agreed to stay on until school closes in June. Mariah is one of our preschool teachers. She is doing a good job and is liked by teachers and students. For awhile now Mariah has been in charge of prescolaire I as we have loaned the other teacher to one of our other classes for awhile. Mariah is keen and keeping things going nicely on her own. Eventually the other teacher will rejoin her again and they will share the teaching. Mariah is hoping to be able to start some university courses online in January.

Baby Jonathan was released from the hospital late Friday. O happy day! It was a huge relief to all of us. He is doing fine – tiny still but starting to fill out. Yesterday, he was back to church with us snuggled into the sling Mama Karen carries him in.

Multi-tasking at its best

Today it was great to see Seth on his feet again. He had been ill for awhile, with what appeared to be a nasty case of strep throat. It really was fantastic to see him walking across the compound.
We give God thanks for the renewed health of Baby Jonathan and Seth. Other than runny noses the other kids are well. They are busy with school work and mischief.

Work continues on the school compound. Our office is finished and getting a lot of use. The secondary part of the school, that was damaged in the earthquake, is being worked on when school is not in session. Slowly and steadily things are improving and looking good. Lots of positive comments when people come on the main compound and/or the school compound. HATS has a good reputation in the area and people are pleased to see the work continuing.

Grades 7,8,9 being reinforced & finished

I cannot blog without saying thank you. Saying ‘thank you’ does not in any way convey the amount of thankfulness in my heart to all of you. You are loved, appreciated and needed. All of you!

Gwo Luckner and Ti Luckner
Mariah with my kids
Karena & Jofky ready to help Jacques

~Karen and kids