Thank you so very much Dickie, Sandra and Shondi.

Arrival at the mission site is very exciting for all of us here at HATS-Haiti. Leaving, however, is an entirely different matter. Such joy, hugs, and laughter galore when we welcomed Dickie and Sandra on December 6th and then on Dec 20th we welcomed Shondi. Sad faces and tears were obvious when all three the had to leave again on January 5th. Already we await their return.

During the month a great deal was done here at HATS – actually an amazing amount of work was accomplished thanks to these three special people. All three worked diligently but Dickie hardly ever slowed down let alone stopped. Photos attached of a “few” of the things he did.

We visited Germaine who is slowly and steadily improving from major surgery.

Christmas was very enjoyable this year for all of us in the HATS family, thanks to these three. Lots was completed and lots of Canadian and Haitian fun family times were enjoyed as well. We all were blessed by them being here with us.

Thank you so very much for coming, for doing, doing, doing, for making Christmas a very special time, and for all the fun times with children and without. The month could not have been more special.

Thank you. God bless the three of you. đź’–


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