Sandra here again tonight because Pastor Dave, Jim and Jess sang at Radio Creole with Karen¬†introducing and translating too!¬† Dickie and I sat out on the deck and¬†listened and they did a great job!¬† I say I have to do it because they¬†are now famous and don’t do blogs!

Solo from Jess


Crew of Radio Creole

We have given out gifts to sponsored children and it is a joy to see them excited and thankful.

Sponsor gift

We have been giving food…rice, beans, cornmeal and oil to many¬†families and today we added chickens too.¬† Again, it is a joy to see¬†their appreciation and beautiful smiles.

Fritz asking about Pastor Jim from the Wesleyan church


Chickens to bless people


Kids like the chickens


One of these is an old chick & one is a chicken


A new type of augmentation?


Karen, Pastor Dave, Jim and Jess went to the market in Verettes this morning.  I think they all enjoyed this experience.

Richard just lost his job as our security.


Market 2



After they all returned from market we all went to the school to finish the chalk boards.  Dickie fixed them and Pastor Dave and Jim painted them.  Karen, Jess and I cleaned the windows in the offices.

Window cleaning Haitian style


Let us out – please!!


Blackboard work


The kids were roller blading again today and they helped us move benches and set up the class for church tomorrow.

Benches for church