WOW! That oil paint is more toxic than I had originally thought. Not only was I hearing Army bands I wrote yesterday’s blog as November 22 not January 22. I’ll be OK!!

I had an AL Heron day today. That’s one where one wanders around and looks very busy and engaged but doesn’t accomplish very much. That was my day. I did some painting on the metal doors from the orphanage to the school, started the bathroom cupboards transformation from blue to white and did another repair on the water main. The next break on the water pipe may involve excavating through the concrete.

Security doors to school


Security doors from school


Water pipe repair – not pretty but effective


The main water feed


Bathroom cupboard doors

Karen was off the compound for a bit visiting friends and the kids will be glad to see Maman Karen back later today.

Younger kids’ poster


Older kids’ poster

Most evenings after the kids are in bed I’ll go for a walk and do a few laps around the compound. I start by telling the guard on duty what I am doing; I don’t want to be taken down as an intruder by friendly fire! If I go earlier in the evening I am joined by JJ, Moise, Leica, Djemima, and Dieumel. As we pass the dormitory the little kids are on the steps encouraging us each lap and cheering us on. Hilarious.

The Walkers


The Watchers

The dorm mothers get annoyed at me some evenings for getting the kids all worked up right before bedtime. So, as is my nature I am off to walk and have some fun with the kids and annoy the adults.

Perfect night for it… Karen is not back yet!!!!