Notice to the HATS Board of Directors:
October’s report will be late because all the papers and receipts are in boxes and Karen and Joan won’t be able to find anything for a few days.

Yup…I finally got the office cleared out and prepped for painting. I know I know…I was supposed to start on Monday, but on Monday the school was closed and I got busy with the kids…

  • Then there was a leak in the girls’ home sink
  • Then I had to tidy the depot to find the parts for the sink repair
  • Then there was a toilet to unblock
  • Then before the plumbing supplies were put away there was a kitchen sink leak
  • Then the kids wanted their bikes out
  • Then I had to fix a bicycle seat
  • Then the house mothers need the propane changed
  • Then Karen wanted a program loaded unto Joan’s computer
  • Then I had to show Joan how to use the program
  • Then a hockey game broke out
  • Then I needed a nap
  • Then I had to do the blog
  • Then I had to check the water tanks
  • Then the spring on the boys’ home door need to ne reattached
  • Then a quick trip to Luckner’s store for orphanage supplies
  • Then the house mothers need a sack of Fab from the depot
  • Then I started emptying out the office.

It’s all good stuff though, just the day to day workings here at HATS. Joan and I are enjoying our vacation and having fun with the children.

I’ll start the wall painting tomorrow unless…

I should be able to make the job last a week or so…

Joan in her new office with all the papers.


Joan deciding on the new color.


Keith starting on the office trim – Joan’s birthday ladder in still in good shape