So, I always say that I haven’t posted in forever, but really it has been a long time! We are going to keep this one short and sweet, though, and just catch you up with the happenings of HATS.

Seth and I have had a lot more down time than usual. We went from being crazy busy while Karen was gone, to having our family being here, to me being sick, and now we are at a point where work is slow. We have really enjoyed the time, but we are also looking forward to getting back to the hustle and bustle again. 🙂 Since we have down time, we have been doing lots of reading and have been getting great time for our devotions. We also got to go this past weekend with missionary James, who shows evangelistic films, up into the mountains to show videos.

In addition to this, we have been playing with the kids! One day last week, Seth and I put together an obstacle course. It was a blast! The kids all ran through it together once and then each one individually did a timed run. This was a pretty amazing feat for the kids. Each turn took about 2 minutes. They all sat and cheered for every kid that went and were beyond excited for their turn. I was so amazed with their enthusiasm and patience that Seth and I just HAD to give them some candy. 🙂 While the kids chowed away. Antwa, Naomie, Seth, and I all gave the course a run too! One word= exhausting. 🙂 (No wonder the kids were breathing so hard)

Doing the obstacle course
Judel completing the obstacle course
Eating their goodies

I was recently able to start a small Bible study with Mirlande. We take our time together to talk over the week, pray over things, and we have been studying the fruits of the Spirit and how that should look in our lives. I have really, really enjoyed it! It is good time to give her one-on-one attention, but it also helps both of us in our Creole/English skills as we communicate and read from the different Bibles.
Yesterday, Seth and I went down to Project Help in Borel to help pour a cement drain on a roof. Peter, with Clean Water, was very happy to have Seth’s help and it was fun being able to help out our fellow missionary friends.

The kids have been a pure joy this past week. It is so neat to see how they are each individually growing and learning. I just want to thank you all for your support and prayers for this place. And thank you for all the things you have done and made possible in these kids lives! 🙂

Anne being as cute as ever
Jofky’s new persona