Noise, noise, noise at the administration building/Karen’s living accommodations. But the noise is for a good reason. Bang, bang, bang on the sides of the cement walls. Hammers are going, cement is being mixed and smoothed on the walls, voices are calling to each other, and windows are covered in bed linen as protection from the cement. This building has needed this done for seven years and noisy as it is, we are thankful it is finally getting done. It is being done now so it can be properly set and dry before the workteam arrives. We had a short break from construction onsite but now things are busy again. This work is being done in preparation of the team that Gerry Rhyno will be bringing in May. The plan is for them to paint this building and to use our new cement saw to cut down the ugly remains of the top level that held up the water tanks before the earthquake.

Admin Bldg getting ready to be painted


Sealing blocks with cement & preparing for painting

People in the area are impressed with the cement work and painting of our two children’s homes and support missionary building. We have heard a lot of positive comments about the cleanliness and beautiful colours of these buildings. We have also heard a lot of ‘not so nice’ comments about the ugliness of this building. Not for long folks. When the construction team has this building finished, and the Canadian workteam has the top level repaired and the painting completed, we expect the comments will all be positive ones.

Luckner has just finished four days of work on our water tanks and the system that carries the water throughout the compound. All tanks were removed and reinstalled. We have all four operating at full capacity (1000 gallons each) once again and we have water pressure as well. O Happy Day!!

Luckner working on water tanks


Luckner still working on water tanks

Now he has another plumbing project underway at the school. School is closed presently for an Easter break, so it is a good time to do repairs. When you have 300 students there is bound to be damage done to the plumbing system. Speaking of school, tomorrow the teachers will be at the school preparing the report cards that students and parents must come and pick up at a meeting Monday morning. It will be interesting to see if my kid’s results meet Mama’s standards.

Merise cleaning out water drainage pipe from school yard

Work has been done on a table to hold our batteries for the new inverter. Seth will construct a ‘ti kay’ for the batteries for protection from the sun and rain and Luckner will do the electrical work of hooking it up. When that is completed Luckner will wire the house Seth and Jessie are living in for an inverter there. Lots of activity as usual.

Table being made for batteries for inverter

At HATS ‘Never a dull moment’.

A couple of months ago Luckner was able to purchase a piece of land immediately to the left of his property. He went to see his banker and was able to borrow funds to start construction of a trade school there. This is something that is needed in this area and will be a big help to those who will be able to attend. Last week Seth and Jessie enjoyed the experience of seeing the cement roof being poured by hand on that school. Very hot, sweaty and exhausting work done by all workers that day.

roof being poured on school Luckner is building


View of roof being poured from top of Luckner’s house

Seth and Jessie are busy with various things. Seth, being a carpenter, is busy doing lots of jobs using his training and skills – building this and that and something else. Today he worked on a spot to put the microwave in my kitchen cupboards at a height that I could use it. Ti Luc asked for his carpenter’s apron to work along with Seth. Soon we saw Ti Luc with his measuring tape measuring what he had just seen Seth measure. Guess he wanted to be sure it was done properly for his mama.

Seth with his carpenter shop out of the sun


Ti Luc checking the accuracy of Seth’s measurements

Jessie does whatever is needed on any given day. She painted the floors at the Boy’s Home this week. Today she was working on a ‘colour’ system of organizing all the keys for the compound.

Jessie painting the floor in the Boy’s Home


Jessie setting up colouring key system

The children are all doing well. My newest, baby Anne, is doing much better than when she arrived. She is changing rapidly and in much better health. Jofky and Karena are adorable and enjoy playing together. Now that we have the yard for the orphanage part of this compound enclosed for safety, Jofky is often seen and heard standing at one gate, peeking through the bars and calling “Mama, Mama”.

Anne & Mama


Jofky calling Mama, Mama

Recently I have been once again enjoying early morning walks along the canal, which has always been the only chance for me to have a few minutes for myself and God. I have sorely missed it, but due to having no help with Ti Luc I had to quit going. When school is not operating I have Leica and/or Karma come stay with Ti Luc while I do a short fast walk. I will share a couple of photos taken on my walks.

Sights from my early morning walk


Scenes from my early morning walk

Again on behalf of my children, our employees, and the people of this area I say thank you very much for your loving kindness.

HATS-Haiti is “All About The Children”. Thank you to all of you who enable this mission to continue to meet the needs of the children who live here, help the children who attend our school, and children in the community. May you be blessed as you are a blessing to the needy ones here.

~Karen and kids