We had a great start to the day with a 1 ½ hour walk northbound along the canal. As we exited the gates, just across the canal there were about 20 men hanging out before sunrise. They are there every day with their shovels and hoes hoping to get chosen for farm work for the day. The farmers come by and pick up the ones they want or need. It is sad to see a few remaining at 8AM when we returned that obviously will not earn money for their families today.

Farm workers on the bridge


Saturday sunrise


The walkers – Keith with Moise, Leica and Djemima


Other walkers




Jonathan got an early start with his play and was in the playhouse with the girls still in his Pajamas.

Jonathan, Josie, Karena and Anne in the playhouse

I started painting the kitchen at the school and finished the main gate to the orphanage compound. Ti-Luc and I spent some time practicing his multiplication tables. Sometimes Ti-Luc needs physical encouragement, so I have to carry a big stick to keep him focused.

Math class

The kids just love the fresh mangoes falling from the trees on the compound. Shirts off boys they are juicy.

Mango break

Since my first trip to Haiti, I thought it would be fun to ride a motorcycle like a Haitian; in shorts and no helmet. Today I took Luckner’s Hoajin 125cc motorcycle for a spin and survived to get back to my painting. Actually a real Haitian motorcycle has 3+ people on it.

Haitian easy-rider.

What’s a Saturday afternoon without some shopping? Karen, Leica and Djemima enjoyed going through shoes, socks and underwear from the depot.

The girls shopping.

There was a lot of activity at the church construction site today.

Stay tuned for Sunday’s Blog.

Note to donors.
The kids here don’t wear socks for warmth, only for style. They are required to wear socks for school.
Please only donate white socks.

Thank you – the management.