When your mama is president of the school and Luckner is the School Principal it is impossible for the kids to hide from homework. Last week however, they tried, oh how they tried. Strike 3 on them was the fact that Joan is a teacher and in spite of the good news of having the week off due to Carnival they STILL had to do homework!!

The teacher Joan laid the homework law down to Dieunel and Leika


JJ hard at work


Djemima knows how to study – Moise not so much

Moise finally had a math breakthrough just before Carnival. He received 100% on a math quiz!!!
Yup, true story. I saw the paper. He was delighted and is slowly starting to believe that doing homework is not all bad. His usual response is saying it’s almost done or the book is lost or he doesn’t have any or he’ll do it after hockey. Now he also got 60% on a French quiz….which is not great BUT almost double what he got the previous quiz. Somehow I got implicated in that score and management has banned me from helping Moise with anything but Math, Geography and History.

Happy boy with 100% quiz

The house mothers tutor the younger children daily with their homework. For them it is mostly memorization of the key points in the day’s lessons. Some of them like Yolene must have the books all memorized they have been doing the lessons for so long.

Josie and Judel doing homework with Naomie

The youngest children like to play their lessons and even include Magdala is the practicalities of puzzles.

Karena, Sandra and Magdala do their puzzle homework

Still others seem to maintain a decent grade average despite the laid back attitude to their homework.

Doesn’t matter HOW it gets done as long as it’s done!