It started off with devotions on the compound with all staff, the youngest children who are not in school and all the team. A great way to start our day.

Ti Fi, Bob, Martha, Jacques and Lisa enjoying morning devotions

All of us were very busy. Don was our errand boy and taught English to Grade 7 and helped Luckner with electrical work in the new kids house. Cathy, Lisa and Cheryl were finishing off painting the pink room in the Missionary Apartment. They drank lots of water due to the fact it was 36 degrees and very humid. Karen, Dickie, Ken, David and Bob went shopping in Saint Marc BUT no luck. But they were fortunate enough to get 2 boxes of prunes for Lisa for her obvious problem.
The sweetest part of the day was at 10 o’clock when we brought 6 classes of children from the school to fit them all out with new girls dresses and boys shorts made by ladies church groups in Newfoundland. All the children were happy to receive their new clothes. All of us who were involved felt the same…. overjoyed. Don was so overcome he fell to the floor.

Handing out clothes (the blur is Karen)
 Don was overcome

Someone thought it was Bob’s turn to do dishes but he didn’t until Karen spoke up and then he hopped to it. Dickie and Vladimy were playing catch and played a trick on Karen. She wasn’t amused until someone laughed and she knew it was a joke and thank goodness it was!

Baseball stuck in windshield

David and his trusty helpers made another picnic table for the kids home and they can all eat together. While some people worked hard outdoors Jim was working so very hard inside on Karen’s computer that he needed a nap before he could finish the job.

 Hard work causes nap

Martha made another great supper, there is no dieting going on here.