My turn today, which means this may be brief, because we need something to be finished by noon as there are visitors coming this afternoon, and otherwise we wouldn’t make any contact today. I can be brief ! ?  Some might say no.

Further to yesterday’s report, we had a truck ride to the local store last night for some items.  It’s always an impressive ride for me : almost complete darkness ; no street lights; no moon last night ;  seemingly fairly long distances without light where I know there are dwellings; a glimmer of candle light or some lamps here and there; some very noticeable lighting at locations from generators ……heart warming reminders of my early boyhood days ( I’m the oldest member of our Team).

What is already underway this morning before I close out ? Now only 9:07 AM. Cathy and Sandy have already spent about an hour arranging some of the variety of items in the depot and some of them to be used tomorrow.  Then they are proceeding with help to clean the big building used for a variety of large audiences such as church, all-students gatherings, etc ( Oh, oh, I don’t mean to report ahead for others ).

Dickie is repairing some ‘ homemade’ drums, including one made in 2014 by Jerry, Todd and a Don watching. ( I guess it’s no harm to say a drum gets good use if it gets ” beat ” to pieces.

Repairing our drums for church

Terry is so glad to have a saw going fixing some of the long wooden benches. Jim, a technology whiz is fine tuning some computer operations.  Me, I’m doing a brief Blog as you can see.

Teamwork – Cathy looking pretty and Terry watching Cathy


Karen’s personal – Mr Computer


Mr Blogger – aka Mr Comic

Karen – well, she’s a part of every Team, and she’s only been up by 5 AM ( for any of her medical Team back home I think she is trying to slow down and follow your advice, and at the moment only three people are waiting to see her, and she has only one set of keys in one hand and only three pieces of paper and a pen in the other).

church cleaning


Many hands make light work at church cleaning


Molly Maids finished for the day


Look ma, one hand


Lost between two compounds

Still being  brief, but this is noteworthy –  and I think many readers will understand and may be somewhat envious in that Germaine just came to us with some of that cool delicious juices she makes.

Hey, it’s the others fault if this is too brief !! ?  So, thinking of last night’s darkness mentioned above, I’ll comment on our slumbering arrangements.  I’d think all readers know that we sleep in single most easily see through netting tents.  With no artificial lighting interference of any kind ( and no clouds day or night ) we can have full view of multitudes of stars and their groupings. Back to my boyhood days, I remember some outings with my Dad who was an acknowledged All-Round outdoors man and who had unlimited numbers of similar skyward views and since here again, I’ve had more copies of our former nighttime star fascinations.

Right way, wrong way.  No difference to us.


Dieunel loves Sandra

Time to close and wish every one in reader land a great day. Well, maybe to add a little, because we’ve mentioned slumbering and perhaps we should remember our special serenading also.  I am not a musician and can’t really report on the authenticity of the different orchestra arrangements, but being a former teacher and coach, I try to remember the importance of All Out Effort and I commend all Haitian band members for doing their utmost : roosters, dogs, guinea fowl, cows.  Okay, sorry fellow Team members, but I’m hoping this is brief !! ???