So… where did the day go yesterday??????? I just realized that we hadn’t written a blog, so here it is. I’ll start with yesterday’s adventures. We had devotions in the morning and were given the opportunity to share with the adults and children. It was so incredible to hear how much this short time at HATS has impacted on Sam, Rebecca and Kathleen. By the time it was my turn, of course, those who know me can imagine that I was in tears (as I am again writing this). I simply love coming here to help with the children. I remember the first time I asked to come to Haiti thinking what could I possibly do to help. I’m not a doctor or a nurse; I’m not a carpenter, electrician or plumber….but I can help with the children. We can help the house mothers and Karen who are in constant demand with 18 children to feed, clothe, nurse bumps and scrapes, hug and love. And for me, my heart goes out to Karen and the people who work here at HATS because the children are thriving. They are beautiful little people who are being raised with love in their hearts, and I believe full heartedly that they will begin the change that is so needed around here.

Anne’s Getting a New Hair-do

We had a chance to pop next door to visit the school. What an incredible place for children in the community to come and learn. There are plans in place for a new kitchen….yes folks, these kids are fed each day and to some it’s the only meal they will receive. I am challenging my friends and family to sponsor a child this year. Really, for $275 a year, a child goes to school and is fed…can you find it in your hearts and budget to help???? ($375 a child can continue to high school).

Visiting the School

How UGLY can things be???? Well, according to Newfie tradition, you can get “ugly” with an ugly stick…I don’t know, but I think she’s kind of pretty don’t you????

Making the ugly Stick


Finished Product!

We all spent a quiet evening at home last night and enjoyed popcorn and watched “The Republic of Doyle;” a great series shot in St. John’s…the quiet didn’t last, however, as we were kept up until nearly dawn with the singing, banging and clapping of a local church service.

Crazy July team members

Saturday, we don’t have devotions, so we slept in until 7:30 and had a lovely Haitian oatmeal breakfast…very sweet and delicious. Then straight away to the market in Verrettes. Now that was an experience and a half. Hmmmmm….poor Sam almost hurled when we passed the goat being skinned…it was the lovely smell of sun warmed meat that got to him. The rest of us didn’t mind looking at the various animal intestines floating in buckets or the heads of goats in a pile. Actually, the market was not that bad as far as being dirty. I didn’t feel uncomfortable at all. We did have a problem finding our truck in the parking lot among all of the donkeys and horses. Yes, my little yellow car would certainly stand out in this lot.

Market in Verrettes


Walking through the market


Market parking lot – no yellow car

We got home, and I got to work on a Power Point for Karen; McGuiver (that’s what we have now nicknamed Sam) worked on fixing the swing, the dvd player, the grapevines and anything else he could get his hands on.

Rebecca and Kathleen decided to wash Karen’s car, however between the two of them it turned into a little water fight. Karen pulled the girls over to the truck and said I think you guys missed some. However this was a trap, Karen actually started soaking everyone with the garden hose. This turned into a huge water fight (Karen managed to stay dry). After we all went for a drive around to see a local church and visit Radio Creole. After outings the best part is coming back and seeing the kids and all their smiles! Man are we ever going to miss it here.