What is one of your favorite things you remember doing as a kid? This week the kids got a new toy thanks to Keith’s perseverance and ingenuity. They now have a full swing set with all swings working! This is really exciting. It only took 7 hardware stores and two trips to St. Marc to find the chain and hardware to get the set all fixed. Thanks Keith.

Dieunel, Josie, Anne, Sandra and Karena


Keith helping out!

As you can see they love to pile on as many as they can. Keith had to help them out to make sure that the swing will hold! Today was the first time I have seen TiFi on the swings. She was really enjoying herself. The new wooden seats give her the confidence to try it out.

TiFi enjoying a swing.

After a swing early this morning the kids were called in for breakfast. The big kids sit together at a long table and the little ones have their own. I think it is getting a little crowded at the little table. It will soon be Anne’s turn to join the big kids.

The big kids


The little kids

There are certain privileges to getting older. One is getting to sit at the big kids table. Another is being able to take on a responsibility, a small job. Karen and Papa Luckner give the older kids a few jobs to do and pay them a small allowance. JJ and Moise go to Papa’s sometimes to help out and the money they earn is kept by Karen in a “bank account” for them. They can spend it as they wish. At school, they can buy a small snack for recess and I know JJ may be close to spending all his allowance on snacks!

JJ, Moise, Djemima and Leica are a big help to Mama Karen, helping her keep everything running smoothly. Well as smoothly as you can in Haiti. They are growing into responsible young teens with great personalities. I enjoy working with them in our English class.

English class


Leica on left and Djemima on right


Moise on left JJ in back

Thank you God, for the resources to help these kids grow and thrive in this beautiful but troubled country.

Because it is all about the kids.