It’s another beautiful hot and sunny day at HATS. Everyone was dressed up and off we went to church. Karen preached on “Praying Unceasingly” something that obviously keeps this operation going.

Preacher Karen

The singing was loud and enthusiastic despite the small turnout. There was dancing and group singing and timbrel accompaniment.

Karen, Sandra, TiFi and Ti Luc dancing


HATS kids singing


Sandra and Jonathan with the timbrels

There is a fellowship time during the service and a chance for a water break and saying hello to friends.

Fellowship time


The Brentview Baptist Church in Calgary, Canada has committed $15,000 CDN to build a church on property owned by HATS behind the school. The funds will be matched by monies raised by HATS. The church at a later date will include an apartment for a mission pastor. The 3 classrooms of the school that are now being used are too small. The new church facility will also be used for school morning devotions and parent /teacher interviews etc.

Future site of new HATS church

After church we all piled into the truck for road trip down the road to Papa Luckner’s store and radio station. Luckner is the assistant director of HATS, principal of the school, entrepreneur and Christian radio station owner/operator. A remarkable gentleman.

On the way to Luckners


Oops – No car seats in Haiti


No seat belts either


Luckner’s Enterprise and Creole Radio 104.

The kids all get to choose a candy treat and have a glass of pop. Good times.

Hard choices to make


Enjoying the sugar rush

Back at the compound everyone just relaxed (some more than others) for the afternoon.

Dieumel and Judel just hanging out and being cool

…….Until Jonathan decided to play jump- on –the- water –main- pipe- game. The plastic pipe broke and an emergency call was put into the blogger….. I mean the plumber. Pipe cement was tracked down at Luckner’s and delivered. Jonathan helped fix his folly and all is well on the compound again.

Another job


You broke it you fix it!


Double time for Sunday and after 6PM