The kids love to ride their bicycles around the compound and occasionally the older kids take theirs along the canal road.  Unfortunately some of bikes have been outgrown so we were sharing which is never a great option. Fortunately HATS received two donations this summer for new bikes: one from the Yarmouth Wesleyan Church VBS and another from an anonymous Springdale friend of Karen’s. We got the cash and headed to St. Marc and bought 4 bikes, spare tires, seats, tubes and replacement accessories for the current bikes.

Joan and Karen negotiating a good price


Jofky, Judel and Leika with 3 of the new bikes

Of course a half dozen of the older bikes needed repairs for flat tires, seats adjusted and replaced and brakes tightened and repaired. And helmet straps need new clips and adjusted as well.

Keith’s bike repair shop

And then they were off; a dozen bikes and riders tearing up and down the driveway and Karen trying to direct traffic. It was a tad chaotic because some of the riders followed North American standard and rode on the right, a couple had British heritage and rode on the left. Then 2 true Haitians rode in the middle and looked for a chance to pass. It’s fortunate everyone is wearing helmets!!




The cutest pair is Makensen and Sonson, the new brothers at the orphanage.  Makensen is very protective of his little brother. As soon as the bikes come out he heads for the low slung trike and then trots off to find Sonson. He puts him on the back and they go cruising together.