We were told that there is never a dull moment at HATS, and in our almost three weeks here we have found that to be true. We had a visit from some Canadian UN officers, Valerie and Guillaume which brought a lot of excitement. They arrived with the fixings for pancakes and maple syrup for everyone!

Guillaume being welcomed back to HATS


Yay, Valerie is back


Pancakes being made for all of us at HATS


Preparing a special juice to go with the pancakes


Yummy breakfast for all


Thank you for the delicious breakfast Valerie and Guillaume


Hockey with our Canadian friends after the breakfast


Bye Guillaume and Valerie. We are going to miss you

We set up tables and the kids (and us) had a feast! Afterward it was time to work off all that good food with a game of hockey. It was good to see Valerie and Guillaume one last time as they were both just finishing up a year of service in Haiti and will return home to Canada right away.

On Wednesday of last week (the dreaded day for the kids) report cards came out. We had the privilege of going to the school with Karen as well as the students and their parents. Giving out report cards here is very different than in Canada. It started out with a worship service and then progressed to the vice principal and then the principal lecturing. And even though we didn’t understand completely what was being said, as each speaker got up, the tone was more serious. I think they were trying to instill the importance of studying and parental support of students. Nicki was thinking that she should have taken notes for when she returns to her Canadian classroom in the fall!

Luckner addressing the parents at Report Card Day Assembly


Wonder wh these three ‘blan’ are who attended the assembly


Parents lined up inside and outside office wanting to speak to Met Luckner, after the assembly

The talk at school was continued at HATS as Karen called a family meeting to discuss the importance of study and good grades, along with some definite changes to start immediately.

So, we have taken the advice of Principal Luckner to heart and Nicki has started a study group for the senior kids.

Nicki’s study group

The spring/Easter break is about to end and the kids return to school this week.

It’s all about the children!

~Mike & Nicki