There is a Newfie expression – “Nar bit ah weader today ‘bye”.

A loose translation being: “Not a bit of weather today my friend” which means there is nothing to report weather wise; no wind, no precipitation and no clouds.

That was the kind of day it was here at HATS; a beautiful sunny and low humidity day.

It was also a slow news reporting day so – “Nar bit ah blog today ‘bye”!!

  • The kids went to school.
  • The cook cooked.
  • The guard guarded.
  • The dorm mothers cleaned.
  • I painted.
  • The teachers taught.
  • The laundry lady did the laundry.

The exception of course was Karen. No surprise there. The surprise was she was on the war path. (Not sure if the war path was related to her late night meeting last night.) Anyway she was showing displeasure with and not limited to the following:

  • EDH – The local electricity company.
  • Kids who didn’t do homework.
  • Kids who did but didn’t do enough.
  • Kids who did last week’s homework again to look like they knew their homework well. (That’s a classic I wish I had used!!)
  • Teachers who assigned the homework.
  • Kids who lost books.
  • Kids who tore books.
  •  Kids who didn’t bring their homework books home.
  • Direct TV.
  • The lawyer handling Ti-Luc’s passport and birth certificate file.
  • etc.

You get the idea. I decided it was a good day to get off the compound, so I took the ladder and started painting the main gate – from the outside.

Keith hiding


Keith painting

Later in the afternoon after things had returned to normal, JJ and Vladimy climbed upon the roof and started knocking down mangoes to Moise and Leica waiting below.

Harvesting Keith’s breakfast

PS. – I think Karen was also annoyed with the cockroaches because she sent someone to spray my place against them.