Hello again!

We had intentions of blogging again yesterday, but it is amazing how fast time goes by when you get playing with all the awesome children here!

These last couple days have gone by fast.  Melissa has been learning from Joan as to how she teaches Ti-Luc.  Joan has been teaching him in the mornings and then Melissa reviews and teaches some new lessons in the afternoon.  We can already see improvement in his math and reading in these last few days.

Melissa learning the ropes for Ti Luc’s schooling from Joan


Melissa working with Joan on home schooling Ti Luc

Yesterday we went next door to the school for their morning devotions.  It was quite a sight (and sound!) to see/hear around 150 children sing and praise God and pray together.  This was just the younger children from the school as the older children were already in classes for the day.  After the devotion, we went over to watch their flag raising ceremony.  It was neat to watch all the children marching class by class from the church to the flag pole.  The little ones are just so cute in their uniforms!

Flag raising


Flag raising

Yesterday, Stephen helped Keith repair the sandbox in front of the administration building.  The cover to the sandbox, as well as a couple of the frame boards, were rotten from the rain gutter above.  Stephen and Keith extended the rain gutter so that it will keep the rain from draining directly on the sandbox.  Stephen painted it a teal color to match the trim of the building.  It will be filled with sand from the next work project to be done on the compound.

Finished sandbox

The children here really like sports.  We have been playing a fair but of basketball.  Markinson is a little small to ‘shoot hoops’ so Stephen would lift him up to let him make a basket.  Stephen did this many times and said he was going to do it three more times, but Markinson negotiated and got six more times out of Stephen.  Last night, for something different, we played a game of hockey (5 on 5). The kids had a really fun time with this.  We also had fun as it was a bit of a ‘taste’ of home and our childhood.

Stephen and Markinson playing basketball

That is all for now.  We will write one last blog of our time here tomorrow.  Stay tuned!

Remember, it is ALL about the children! Thank you for your prayers! God bless.

~Stephen and Melissa