Here at HATS-Haiti things are still exciting and you never know what the next hour will bring. We’re in love! Bring it on!

Wednesday started with the school devotions at the church which they do every school day. What an inspiring and lively bunch! You couldn’t help but tap your feet and move to the music. They were little people but very big in stature!

Morning devotions at the school

Morning staff devotions

After staff devotions Karen took us to town for a little jaunt and some sight seeing. The sights and sounds of Haiti never cease to amaze me. Liam was excited to ride in the pan of the truck!

In the afternoon we sorted little gifts for the HATS children’s Christmas stockings. It was so much fun and so heartwarming to choose gifts for each child while imagining the smile on their faces on Christmas morning.

Thursday started with a tired and exhausted Karen sitting on the couch as we walked into the house. She was up all night chasing, or running away from, some four legged creatures which none of us were in love with.

Then the day started with a prayer circle with the children before they left for school and then devotions with the staff. It was so cute and special to listen to little preschool children pray. The devotions with the staff was also very lively and uplifting! We were prepared for the day!

Then the mouse hunt began with the partners, in running HATS-Haiti, Karen and Luckner. It was a successful hunt and they quickly returned with the loot! Karen is hoping that she can sleep alone tonight!

Any critters hungry. Please come eat and DIE

The first located critter that Luckner and Karen found in her bedroom

In the wastebasket, very much alive

We finished up the Christmas stockings today and off they went to the depot for Christmas morning.

Preparing to fill the Christmas stockings

In the afternoon we went to town to pick up medications for the children and took another little drive around. Liam has another ride in the back of the truck and he loved every minute! The Tap Taps and motorcycles kept it exciting as they sounded their horns and shouted at us. Never a dull moment here!

Lew has the toilet installed and the sink almost finished in the new apartment. Oh happy day. Both Jocelyn and Karen are thrilled. Luckner came this morning to check and told Lew he was doing a great job! Tomorrow Lew will work on keeping the four-legged creatures outside Karen’s place.

Good and important work going ahead in Jocelyn’s apartment

Liam played with the children and got to sample a sour orange which one of the boys got from a tree here.

Kids sharing a very sour orange

Wow! A lot of excitement in two days! We are more in love and our hearts are full! We can’t wait to see what the remainder of our time here will bring!

Blessings everyone.