Today I am writing about Mr HATS-Haiti – Dickie MacDonald.

This Mission would not be running properly, or perhaps not running at all, without this man.

Dickie MacDonald just happens to be married to one of the best ladies on earth.  Because he has good taste in women, because he chose a good Newfie woman to be his partner in life, and because he is my brother-in-law has nothing to do with me giving credit where credit is due.

Dickie and Sandra have been involved with this mission since I moved to Haiti 18 1/2 years ago.  This blog today, however, is featuring Dickie.

A few facts that perhaps you do not yet know:-

Dickie is one of the hardest working men I have ever met.  He tends to walk through, over, and around illness, pain, fatigue and other things that slow others down, to do anything and everything that needs to be done.

Dickie – where angels fear to tread – but not him


Working on Karen’s family wall photos


Work, work, work


Dickie cleaning up the tool room once again

His heart is as big as he is and is open wide to help anyone who needs help – be that in Canada or in Haiti.

He is well loved as a husband, a father, as # 2 father to Dana Kayal in Kelowna and to Liette Wilson in Calgary, as a brother, an uncle, a cousin, a friend, and very importantly as a ‘brother-in-law’.

He is well loved by all at this mission HATS-Haiti, by all the children, all employees, and by the director and assistant director for sure.

Dickie and Luckner at the party for Luckner

He is known here at the mission by two names “Mr Silly Goose”  and “Mr Fix-It”.   All the kids love him and miss him a great deal when he leaves.  All employees, too, and they have a great deal of appreciation for the things he takes care of when he is here.

A fan is needed always when in Haiti

He is appreciated and not just for all that he does – but for who he is.

Dickie & Sandra sponsors of our own Dieunel

If you see him sometimes in person, or in photos, and do not see a smile – just know that he is really smiling on the inside.  Some people wear their hearts on their sleeves more than others.

Hard work needs an occasional rest


One wishing he could stay longer and one wishing he did not have to leave at all

There is, however, one thing that you need to know about this wonderful man, Dickie MacDonald.  He has two special women in his life.  Two special women and both are called Sandra. What gives with that you may ask?   One is my sister, Sandra, and one is my little girl, Sandra, here at the mission, now 2 1/2.  He is loved and adored by both.

The love started here


Ti Sandra looking for Dickie here too. He was in the yard

Dickie and Sandra left the mission here on November 4th.  Every single day since Dickie returned to Canada three weeks ago Ti Sandra has come to me and asked sweetly and quietly for Dickie.  If we are walking, playing, at devotions, in church, in the truck, or wherever we may be she always asks when Dickie is coming back, why he left, and sweetly tells me she misses him.

Wonder if she is thinking about Dickie here. A little older Sandra still
looks up at me the same way now and says- Mama, where is Dickie


Dickie and his second precious Sandra

Dickie never stops when he is here but folks, but he works like this for HATS-Haiti in Canada too.  He is an active board member, he takes care of all donations for this mission (running a tight ship with the funds), he transfers funds regularly so the work here can continue, he encourages, he supports, and he helps make sure the HATS-Haiti Mission is: ALL   ABOUT   THE   CHILDREN

Blessings to you all.