I promised on today’s blog to post photos of the moving of the four 1000 gallon water tanks from the top of this building unto the top of the new water tower building. Here they are. Today three of the tanks were moved and hooked up. The last one will be done tomorrow.

Moving tanks started with Luckner disconnecting plumbing

This was one very busy and interesting day. Watching Luckner and his crew remove the tanks, and by hand get them down one level, then over the side of this house to the ground, and back up the side of the new building was amazing. When they were being pulled up the side of the water tower building one man stood in a window opening on the new building and supported the tanks with his butt, to prevent them being damaged on the side of the building. I found this huge job interesting, amazing and funny. One thing I know, without Luckner it would not have happened.

 Moving tanks #1


 Moving tanks #2
Now over the side to the ground
Starting up side of other building
Almost there
Great job Luckner & team

Today I went up and down the stairs to the top of this house and to top of other one far more times than I can count. Too, I went through everything in storage in the room (former office) at the top of this building, organized it, and had it carried down one level. Reason – when the floor where the tanks were is knocked down there will be no roof for that room. We will use the plywood, window, and door elsewhere. I needed to get the room emptied in case they start knocking it down tomorrow. I feel totally exhausted and at 9:00 p.m. am going to my tent. It is raining but not hard tonight so hopefully we will be okay.

Getting the last tank moved tomorrow will be swiftly followed by the knocking down of that whole floor that housed them. When that is done Ti Luc and I will once again be able to sleep inside. We have been sleeping outside now for five months so not sure how Ti Luc is going to adjust to going back into his bedroom. He sure likes being close to his mama.

Good night and God bless everyone.