I’m not sure what the child labour laws are here in Haiti but I am pretty sure I violated the today. We had 3 truckloads of lumber delivered for the Gerry’s Team project next month. The wood had to be moved so…..

Truckload #2
of lumber
117    pieces of 2X4
X 16 FT
50     pieces of 1X4
X 16 FT
10     Sheets of plywood
Yawel made three trips to pick it up and dropped it all in the driveway. We had Eugene help for the first load but the kids, JJ, Moise, Djemina, Leica, Dieunel and I schlepped it all up the  winding stairs to the second floor of the water tower where all the wood is stored. That location keeps it dry and out of the sun.
The target is
the second floor of the water tower
The chain gang
Amazing but
true – no injuries
Don’t give up
yet Dieunel – only 88 more


Between the second and third loads we sat for a break. Germaine came out with juice and cheesies for all the kids; the workers AND the watchers.
Break time
Exactly 2.3 seconds after that picture, Karena, who was on my knee threw up her cheesies, juice, breakfast and lunch – thankfully she missed me!
Back to work. All the lumber was freshly cut but some of them had a pretty good bow already.
Karena bounced back quickly and was smiling and running around in no time. Too much junk food I guess.
And a couple
of them were actually straight


The child labourers with the lumber AND the sheets of plywood. Good job guys and girls.
The tents on the roof of the HATS Hilton are still set up from The Texas Team visit. Karen decided it would be fun to have the older kids up there for a sleepover. I am not sure why they are called sleepovers; there is usually more giggling, fooling around and talking then sleeping.
The sleepover gang


Djemina can’t sleep


Ti-Luc can sleep
JJ ready to party


Take up your bed and walk


I wonder whose bed he ended up in….


Good times at the Hats Hilton