Good evening HATS followers. Here again, Marcia and Nicole are bringing you the latest events from Desshappelles, Haiti.

This morning, was the children’s first day back to school. What an exciting morning it was. All the children had their gorgeous uniforms on. They looked quite adorable.

First day of school


Karena’s first day of school.

This morning we had our first devotion with the children at 7h30 am. We sang a few songs, had a bible reading and prayer.

Monday morning devotions

Afterwards, we were able to go to the school to see the assembly of students and staff members. They open up each morning with energetic song and prayer.

First day of school assembly.  (Less than half students there)

This morning’s project was to build picnic tables for the children at the school.

making tables with benches for school lunch room

We also received all 22 suitcases today, praise the Lord! The ladies spent the afternoon sorting out all the clothes, toys and medical supplies that were graciously donated by many at home.

Suitcases with wonderful things to bless the people

The extreme is taking its toll on Mary-Ann, she informed the ladies when she was sorting clothes that she needed “a camera for her batteries”. We all got a very good chuckle out of that.

Corey 2 was finally able to take a shower and change his underwear. Fiew! Today, Mariah took out her braids and sported around with a new hairdo.

Later in the afternoon, we all crammed in Karen’s Tap Tap and went to the local radio station which is owned by Luckner. We got to see the recording studio where we will be broadcasting live on Wednesday night. Tonight, we practiced our songs for the radio broadcast we will be doing this week.

Trip to Radio Creole


Gerry learning about Luckner’s second studio for


Leaving Luckner’s for home with lots of pop and water

We have been eating very well here at the orphanage. Germaine, Martha, Marguerite and Roselene are very good cooks and work very hard all day long. And for that we are very thankful!

Well look at that, after a good hot and busy day, we were all very tired and in our tents by 9:30 pm.

That wraps up our day here in Haiti. We will be back here with you tomorrow night. Take care!

~Marcia and Nicole