The first thing this morning we went to the school to sanitize the students and Teachers as they entered the school to help protect against cholera. After this we had devotions with the students.

Hand washing students with chlorox

The group came back and Barry helped Martha make a pancake breakfast. It was delicious! Yes and we all make sure Karen takes the time to eat.

Barry & Martha cooking breakfast

The teachers came in small groups to the compound to have their vaccine. Yummy!!!



Teachers taking the vaccine

The real work now started with painting. We painted the ceilings in the childrens home and the 2nd coat got applied in the preschool room at the school today.  During the painting, Jan was the Spider Lady, saving Josiah from the scary spiders that hide in all corners of the ceiling.

Jan and Penny painting

Hunny do’s (this is Nichole’s American spelling contribution to the blog!) are also being completed for Karen before the team leaves. Roger and Barry have been working very hard.

Barry and Roger

Through out the day everyone took some time to spend with the children. We all had a wonderful day and enjoy being here very much, eh!  (Nichole thinks we should add this because the Canadians say eh all the time).

Heather and Mariah at the school with the kids


Arianne and Tevan playing with the kids


Carol and Jofky

~Nichole and Penny