I am tired and not sure I can write much that would make sense.  Photos can do a better job and so tonight I will let the photos do the talking.

Church construction

Work on the church is progressing


Lots of workers on site. Getting it ready to pour the cement roof

Leica’s 10th birthday

Happy Birthday Leica


Red tongue delight caused by red chocolate cupcake

Scenes from a peaceful early morning walk by myself.  Can’t get away with that very often.  I usually have from 4 – 14 children with me.








This mission      IS   ALL   ABOUT   THE   CHILDREN       but occasionally this busy mother, nurse, director, administrator, teacher, counsellor, listener/encourager, church message giver,  repairman (degaje style), and lover of Haiti and those in need, has a need of her own – to be able to walk along the canal by herself.   Oh yes!!!

Now she is going to say goodnight and God bless you.