The last day in Haiti always brings mixed feelings. Sadness to leave the children and the beautiful country of Haiti. Excitement to see family and friends. Fear of the cold weather in Alberta!

Beautiful Haitian countryside

Today we had the opportunity to paint the front porch of the children’s home, to do a myriad of much needed odd jobs, to scan many of the sponsor letters and to finish letters and photos for a few remaining children. Some letters and photos were even sent out today!

If you are waiting for your sponsor child letter and photo, we appreciate your patience. It takes alot of time for me to translate all 180 letters and then the system here is very slow to get them all scanned and resized so they are ready to email. Between painting, helping with a myriad of things for Karen, photographing kids, and doing board business, I have had little time to translate so I am only half done. I promise to get them out to you as soon as possible. We are going to try and save even more of the hard-earned money you donate to HATS by sending out the photos and letters by email. We would encourage you to print out both at home so you can see the smiling face of your sponsor child from the front of your fridge.

We are leaving in less than 6 hours and I still have some administrative things to get done, so I must go so I will get into bed before I have to get up again at 3:30 am to be on the road.

Full moon in Haiti

We’ll miss you Karen, Luckner, Antoinette, Magalie, Vladimy, Mirlande, JJ, Moyiz, Tifi, Ti Luc, Leica, Karma, Ismyis, Josie, Judel, Dieunel, Karena, and Jofky.

Raising the Haitian flag

Au revoir, Haiti cheri!